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Purchasing A King Size Mattress Using Afterpay

Purchasing A King Size Mattress Using Afterpay

Everyone wants a comfortable mattress for their bed, and everyone deserves a comfortable sleep after a long day’s work. In fact, when it comes to your bedroom, the first thing you think about is probably your bed and mattress. A king size mattress allows people to relax and sleep comfortably without disturbing their partner as it provides ample space. But sometimes people cannot afford such a large and luxurious mattress due to budget restrictions.

Here’s how you can purchase a king size mattress without worrying about the budget. At KingsWarehouse, we offer Afterpay as a simple and hassle-free payment option so our customers can purchase the product they like and pay for it in 4 easy instalments.

People signed up with Afterpay can purchase their king size mattress and take it home before the first payment is due. Afterpay gives customers the ability to divide the price into 4 equal instalments that need to be paid every fortnight, the first of which doesn’t need to be paid until the first fortnight has passed. This allows you to buy what you want without having to worry about the entire payment at once.

Don’t pay a single cent more than the price of the product. Purchase a king size mattress afterpay is the most convenient way to get the product without having to worry about your budget or inflated interest rates. We also offer Afterpay for various other products to help you purchase home appliances and furnishing without worrying about your budget.

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Why buy king size mattress from us?

People choose us for the following reasons:

Quality and Variety: We have premium-quality king size mattresses available on our website from top brands. These brands use special materials to create the most comfortable mattresses and help you get a healthy night’s sleep. There are mattresses available in a variety of materials and designs, such as foam, quilt, latex, spring, gel memory foam, cool gel foam, thick foam and pillow top mattress. Prices vary according to brand and the materials used in the making. 

Service: Not only do we offer a buy now, pay later option using Afterpay, but we offer great all-around service. Most of our items are available with free delivery while others are charged a minimum amount of $5.00. Once dispatched, you are given a tracking code so you can watch your package make its way to you. Delivery usually takes 3–10 days depending on the postal code. Furthermore, you can return the product if it is damaged or doesn’t live up to your standards. 

Warranty: Our products come with a 12-month warranty unless stated otherwise. Some products are even provided with extended warranty for our customers’ peace of mind. 

So, if you are looking to purchase a quality king size mattress for your bedroom without stretching your budget, we are the best option. There are all kinds of products available with Afterpay like couches, appliances, office equipment, outdoor furniture, health and beauty products, pet supplies, kid and baby products, and so much more. 

King Warehouse also offers an extended warranty at just $19.00 for a further additional 12 months, that’s a 24-month warranty on your order. Visit our website to take advantage of such great offers.

Buy Amazing Furniture for A Pocket-Friendly Bedroom.

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Your home is probably one of the precious and personal spaces you have in your life, and it can be beneficial to embellish its comfort and beauty with an exclusive piece of furniture that you love.

When we talk about designing your home, either remodelling or a completely fresh start, one of the most significant aspects we consider is the bedroom. The bedroom is often one of our favourite places. We live in it, we sleep in it and we dream in it. It’s where we relax and say goodbye to the outside world and all its responsibilities.

The bedroom is also one of the only rooms in your home that is just yours, which gives you the chance to design and decorate it in a way that makes you feel complete.

Designing or decorating your home can be perplexing, especially if you have so much on your plate already. A comfortable, modern bed is the first thing you may be considering when it comes to the redesign. With our selection of afterpay beds , you no longer have to wait for your perfect bed or worry about the full payment right away.

We understand buying a luxury bed is no walk in the park. It is an expensive investment for most people, so we’ve given you the option of using Afterpay as your payment option, which permits you to buy your favourite bed from our online store and pay it back over 4 fortnightly installment.

With our spectrum of exclusive bedroom furniture, you'll be able to design your bedroom according to your style. If you’re just looking for one new piece, we also have a wide collection of bedroom furniture for sale that will suit your current bedroom decor.

No matter your design aesthetic or personality, with our comprehensive furniture, you can style your room to fit your style perfectly.

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Whether you want to your room to look modern, stylish or simple yet classic, we have the appropriate furniture for any room. Furniture can make or break your decor, and the right piece can enhance the beauty of your room and captivate your attention every time you step into your room.

When it comes to our beds, we always ensure the essentials, like quality, comfort and reliability. To make your room perfect, it is crucial to buy the right sized bed, and we are proud to be offering various sizes and types that can perfectly fit into your bedroom, making it look elegant without any cramped spaces.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a bed, storage or furniture for kids, Kings Warehouse is capable of providing everything when it comes to furniture, you can purchase tallboys with afterpay as well.

Comfortable, reliable and stylish is what makes Kings Warehouse the ultimate furniture store. Every piece of our furniture guarantees top-notch quality, a stylish & modern look and years of use in a variety of designs that are ideal for every room and personality. Not only do we focus on the quality, but we pay great attention to providing products for those looking to stick to a pocket-friendly budget.

If you want to accentuate your space with a modern, stylish piece of furniture, glorify the beauty of your room or complement it with simple furniture, we are the one for you. Our well-designed, quality furniture will completely satisfy your expectations and give your room a fresh new look.

We are the ideal choice if you wish to buy a product now and pay for it later. With Afterpay, you can get your product now and pay it back later in 4 equal installment.

Don't forget to browse our amazing bedroom furniture available with Afterpay!

An Amazing Combination of Quality Products Available with Afterpay

An Amazing Combination of Quality Products Available with Afterpay

How would you feel if you could shop for all your bedroom furniture and bedding items online now and pay for them later? Sounds amazing, right? Afterpay is a payment mode that allows you to buy an item now, get it delivered to your doorstep and pay for it later.

Online shopping has taken a massive turn recently on the internet. From convenience, to quality; it makes our lives easy. It provides numerous advantages and is conveniently quick, giving us the ability to shop anytime, anywhere. e-Commerce offers simple payment methods that help us save time and, most importantly, stop us from having to stand in a long queue at the counter.

We all know e-Commerce has drastically changed the way customers shop. More and more people are now switching to online shopping, and buyers are now preferring to buy everything online, from garments, quilt cover sets, office furniture to food and drinks!

However, there are still many people who are not convinced. They still fear paying a huge amount online, especially to newbie sites. We understand this concern when it comes to spending money online, which is why Kings Warehouse offers Afterpay as a reliable, convenient and trustworthy payment option. Afterpay allows you to buy a product now and pay for it later in 4 equal fortnightly payments. This is the perfect solution if the cash flow is tight.

Your bedroom is not only a space to sleep and store your clothes and furniture, it’s the place you retreat to after a tiring day. At Kings Warehouse, you’ll find everything you need to make your bedroom cosy and enhance its beauty and comfort.

Whether you are looking for office equipment, kids’ furniture, bedroom furniture, or quilt cover sets afterpay, we have everything available with Afterpay. We are an ultimate online store supplying everything you need to make your bedroom and office look more elegant than ever. From comfortable bedding to captivating office furniture, you will not be disappointed with our comprehensive collection of products.

When it comes to the bedroom decor, a bed is the first thing we consider. To make sure your bed is an attractive focal point, take a look at our wide collection of beds to find something that perfectly suits your style. Blankets, bed sheets, electric blankets, pillowcases and bed protectors are among our other products, all of which are available in all sizes to ensure your complete comfort. Not only they are available in varied sizes, but they are available in a plethora of designs and colours, so you can easily find a product that complements your personality and room aesthetic.

Our products are of the highest quality, which means you’ll be able to love them for many years. You can rest assured that it’s our priority at Kings Warehouse to make sure you are never disappointed with our service or products. Quality products, a plethora of options, unique designs, a reliable payment method, incredible prices and friendly customer service – this is what makes Kings Warehouse a commendable online store.

If you are looking for bedroom furniture, bedding or office furniture afterpay, we are the destination for you. Whether you are looking for furniture to match your current home or office decor or products to design a brand new space, we have an expansive stock of elegant products that ensure superior quality that will fulfil all your criteria. No matter which product your eyes fall on, you can always rest assured about the top-notch quality.

Mattress in a Box, What is it?

Mattress in a Box, What is it?

Sick of going to expensive showrooms to shop around for a mattress? Have no idea how to get a king-sized bed up to a fourth floor walk-up? Sick of paying top price, plus delivery? 

Well the solution is final here, Mattress in a box.

What on, mattress in box, what is that? 

As the name suggests, mattress-in-a-box is simply a folded and rolled high-quality mattress, vacuum-packed in a box using the latest mattress-packing technology. These boxes are then shipped directly to customers who order them online. Direct shipping cuts out middlemen effectively lowering the prices of the mattresses.

According to most mattress reviews, these mattresses are getting better reviews than traditional mattress  and they sell at cheaper rates.

Are they any good?

Unless you have back issues or need a certain type of mattress, the out of the box designs are just as good, if not even better. Most people have been surprised at how good they are, specially for the price they pay. 

Are they easy to move?

Online mattress retailers will deliver your mattress to your doorstep and leave you with the laborious task of moving it to your bedroom and setting it on your bed. A mattress in a box is more manageable than a bendy and heavy unfolded mattress.

They come rolled up in a box, unpacking is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once unpacked the mattress will roll out and slow take its shape. Normally you have to wait 24hrs before it is at its normal shape. 


Did i say they were cheap to buy and cheaper to delivery? It's a win / win case. Want to setup a spare room? Mattress in the box is the answer, don't pay top dollar and fork out extra money for delivery, plus having to dispose of all the packaging. 

Check out our range at Kings Warehouse.

So easy. 


Get Fit with Electric Treadmill with 16 training programs

Get Fit with Electric Treadmill with 16 training programs

Compact and sturdy with its powder coated steel frame, the Electric Treadmill allows you to perform essential cardio exercises within the comfort of your home. 

* Only $478.95

** Free Shipping

The Electric Treadmill features 16 pre-set training programs designed to simulate natural terrain. A user-centric control panel with a digital LCD display lets you set up to 12 speed levels and other monitoring parameters. Its linear power drive motor produces smooth and seamless operation and the anti-slip belt and soft-grip handle bar with pulse sensors make your session a comfortable and controlled experience. Other great features include a 3-level inclination adjustment, safety tether key, dual cup holders, and smooth wheels for easy mobility.

* High strength composite running board
* Sturdy powder coated steel frame
* 16 training programs
* User-centric control panel
* Bright digital LCD display
* Powerful and energy-efficient motor
* Neighbour-friendly quiet operation
* 12 speed levels
* 3 adjustable inclination level
* Accurate pulse sensor to monitor health
* Anti-slip and wear-resistant running belt
* Dual drink holders
* Super compact for easy storage
* Safety tether key
* Soft-grip handle bar
* Smooth wheels for mobility
* Over-load protection

Kids Animal Stools

Kids Animal Stools
Made to be totally child-safe, the Kids Animal Stool comprises a sturdy wood frame with solid rubber wood legs. Thick sponge padding is found in the seat and head and the entire assembly is wrapped in durable polyester fabric for long lasting use. Not least, the Animal Stool is well-stitched all round and also features feet pads to protect the floor from scratches or damage.
With a weight capacity of up to 150kg, the Kids Animal Stool is easy to maintain and promises to deliver many years of great fun for your child.

Quilt Cover Sets by Anfora

Quilt Cover Sets by Anfora
Brighten up your space with the sophisticated and stylish Anfora Quilt Cover Sets. Made from cotton rich fabric, the set boasts understated style with an all-over pintuck design. This sumptuously soft bedding is crafted by hand. Solid shade pairs perfectly with statement pillowcases. Colour: Teal 250 thread count Hand Stitched Quilt Cover: Button closure; four interior corner ties keep it in place.