The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Bed Sheets in Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Bed Sheets in Australia

While coming back home from a stressful day at work, you want nothing but extreme peace and a feeling of ultimate relaxation. One of the best ways to relax and unwind from such chaotic days is to lie down on your bed, watch a movie or chat with your loved ones, and doze off immediately. But are your bed sheets comfortable? Are they fabricated from quality material? We spend hours, days, and weeks on our beds to relax or sleep. Therefore, buying comfortable and soft bed sheets becomes imperative. 

So, how can you manage to buy perfect bed sheets? There are countless factors you have to consider while choosing a bedsheet. Apart from comfort, you also need to consider the aesthetics and interior of your bedroom. To assist you with making the best buying decision, we have shared some tips on choosing the perfect bed sheet for your bedroom and experiencing utmost comfort while unwinding. 

  1. Thread Count 

Thread count plays a pivotal role in choosing the best bed sheet for your bedroom. The bed sheet should contain a higher thread count to achieve the utmost comfort. However, most buying bed sheets with a higher thread count don't guarantee the sheet's softness. Most manufacturers alter the higher thread count image by enhancing the sheet with silicone softeners, which may vanish after the first wash. Avoid buying bed sheets with a 1000 thread count. 100% cotton bed sheets are the best sheets to buy for utmost comfort. You can also opt for Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, combed cotton, or bed sheets with a combination of polyester and percale. 

  1. Percale or Sateen or Flannelette Weave? 

There are three weave options for cotton base bed sheets - Percale, sateen, and flannelette. 

  • Percale has a smooth and matte finish. It offers a crisp and cool feel, making it perfect for those who get overheated while sleeping.
  • Sateen has a silky and lustrous finish. It offers a silky and smooth feel. Such fabrics have more threads over the upper surface of the fabric, making them luxuriously soft and smooth against the skin.
  • Flannelette offers a soft, warm, and cosy feel. Such weaving options are perfect for colder months. 
  1. Choose The Right Materials 

Based on your personal choice, you can decide on selecting the suitable bed sheet material. Here are material choices and their specialties:



Material Choice



Pure Cotton

Breathable and Light


Egyptian Cotton

Durable and Deluxe



Lightweight and Eco-Friendly



Lightweight and Durable



Lightweight and Luxurious



Resilient and Easy-care


  1. Get The Right Fit 

While choosing a bedsheet, you should consider the size of your mattress. Buying the right bed sheet size will ensure it completely covers the mattress and doesn't spoil the show of the bedroom. Always check the measurements of your mattress and bed sheet to ensure you buy the right size.



Mattress Size

Best Bed Sheet Type


38 x 75″

Twin Sheets


38 x 80″

Twin XL Sheets


53 x 75″

Full (Double) Sheets


60 x 80″

Queen Sheets


78 x 80″

King Sheets


72 x 84″

California King Sheets


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  1. Consider Choosing Design - Prints or Plain 

Once you understand the basics of bed sheets - measurements, material, weave, and thread count - now you can concentrate on the aesthetics. First, decide what design will suit your bedroom the best - printed bed sheets or plain coloured. If you have printed pillows and blankets, choose a plain coloured bed sheet. Printed bed sheets can be perfect for plain coloured pillows, blankets, and throws. Choose the one that suits your taste and bedroom interior. 

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