5 Essential Tips on Buying the Perfect Quilt Cover Sets

5 Essential Tips on Buying the Perfect Quilt Cover Sets

A change in your sleeping pattern can affect your mind and body significantly. Only one out of every three Australians gets proper sleep at night. Most individuals experience habitual sleeplessness, which affects their overall lifestyle. One of the major reasons for experiencing a lack of sleep could be crummy bedding with a low-quality quilt cover set. Oversized and low-quality quilt covers may affect your sleep time significantly. Therefore, choosing the right quilt cover for your bedroom becomes imperative. An appropriate quilt cover set will ensure you achieve good night sleep with utmost comfort. Besides, it will also elevate the visual appeal of your bedroom. 

While choosing the right quilt cover, you also have to consider functional and aesthetic factors, which may be challenging. However, you can find a suitable quilt cover set by considering these five essential tips. 

  1. Consider Size 

When buying a quilt cover, make sure you choose the one that is a size bigger than your mattress. For instance, if you use a queen mattress, buy a king-size quilt cover. However, choosing the right quilt cover also depends on the visual appeal of your bedroom or what you wish to provide. If you plan to buy a quilt cover that finishes right above the mattress and  shows off a valance, consider choosing a size that matches your mattress. Additionally, you should also consider the size of your quilt cover. For instance, a queen size quilt should go with a queen quilt cover set. Choosing the exact sizes of quilt and quilt cover will ensure you receive a comfortable experience while sleeping. 

  1. Choose the Right Colour 

Although the quilt size determines the level of comfort to serve the functional purpose, you should also consider choosing the right colour for better and more enhanced visual appeal. Selecting the coloured quilt cover will either elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom or downgrade it completely. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the quilt cover based on the style of your bedroom and surrounding walls. For a brighter and airy appearance, you can consider choosing a basic white quilt cover. To add more depth to your bedroom, opt for a block colour of black or navy. Additionally, for incorporating different colours into your bedroom, choose eye catchy shades like purple. 

  1. Texture Matters 

When it comes to choosing the right quilt cover, always consider checking the texture. Most quilt covers are available in a smooth, silk-like texture, which can be a suitable option for textured cushions and pillows with varying patterns. Waffle quilts are perfect to enhance the visual appeal of your bedding. 

  1. Check the Material 

Quilt covers are available in different materials - from cotton, flannel, linen, silk, poly-blend, synthetic to polyester jacquard. The type of material you choose will determine the visual appeal of your bedding. Your bedding can be either smooth and luxurious or textured and inviting. Regardless of your choice, make sure you choose a comfortable, durable, and breathable quilt cover. 

  1. Consider Quality and Thread Count 

Another careful consideration to look for is the quality and thread count of a quilt cover. Choosing a premium quality quilt cover will ensure durability and maximum comfort. With a quality quilt cover, you can achieve your aesthetic goals for the bedroom. Thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Lower thread count can be suitable for general use and both warm and cold climates. However, a higher thread count will not be suitable for the warm climate as it restricts airflow, thereby trapping heat.  

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