What exactly is Afterpay, and how can it benefit you?

Here's a typical situation which might happen unexpectedly to anyone: You have planned a weekend pool party and are all set for the big day. The party is just a few days away and out of nowhere, a branch from a tree in your yard unexpectedly crashes on your patio, damaging your furniture. What a disaster! What do you do? Immediately, you think you need to head out to purchase some new furniture, right? Well, what if you didn't want to commit all the money for new outdoor furniture, or didn’t have the full amount of money to make the purchase at the time?

The experts at Kings Warehouse would certainly recommend buying the outdoor furniture using Afterpay. Afterpay is a digital service that makes it simple to purchase something now and pay it off in fortnightly contributions. In contrast to layby, you'll get the item immediately, regardless of whether you're shopping on the web or in-store. Furthermore, as long as you pay your installments on time, you won’t be paying any additional amount for the product.

Phew! That's a relief and an extremely affordable option to consider if you are under pressure for money, or if you simply want to set aside your cash for later use.

What's the catch?

The vast majority of purchases made utilising Afterpay will be paid in fortnightly installments. If you do miss one of these installments, you will be faced with around a $10 additional charge.

Afterpay doesn't work like a credit check when you join, making it different to other types of credit. Similarly, it contrasts other types of credit by not charging interest. In the event that you meet the entirety of the reimbursements, there's no extra expenses. This makes it more appealing than payday credits, yet it's still better than setting aside to make a purchase.

Why do we vouch for Afterpay?

Quick use

Clients can quickly setup and utilise their Afterpay account straight away, as opposed to experiencing the long application forms you may encounter when applying for a new line of credit, for example.

All you have to enter is your contact number, email, installment amounts, and address details to join. Afterpay at present accepts Mastercard and Visa credit and platinum cards issued in Australia.

Seamless integration within stores

Afterpay is completely incorporated inside a participating organisation’s online store checkout, which guarantees simple useability. There's also no compelling reason to monitor complex installment plans.

You can just select to pay with Afterpay at the checkout and we will sort out the arrangements for you – it will get sent directly to your email inbox, so you can easily pay the installments in each period.

Fee and interest free terms

By utilising Afterpay you don't need to pay any interest on your reimbursements, and you'll maintain a strategic distance from strong application fees that can be related with cash loaning options.

The KingsWarehouse Afterpay service prides itself for being free for all clients to use, with the main related expenses being the cost of your buy and late fee charges in case of untimely repayments.

Afterpay isn't simply online

Afterpay is well known for its consistent incorporation into online stores. Be that as it may, in the event that you find yourself in a physical store, you can rest assured that Afterpay is progressively popping up in a number of different stores around Australia.

How can it work in-store? Before you go to the shops you should check on the store’s website, to see if they offer Afterpay services. Next you can pick the sum you need to spend, and provide your details. When you've discovered what you need to purchase, shoppers can essentially introduce the barcode on the Afterpay application and have it examined by the sales assistant to pay.

It might be a smart move to know precisely what you need to purchase earlier however, in light of the fact that the payment barcode has an expiry date and must be utilised in a single transaction.

Rest assured that Kings Warehouse is always there for all of your outdoor furniture needs. Whether you wish to pay the full amount upfront, or utilise the handy Afterpay service, we’re always looking to send you home with high quality furniture items.
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