Why should you be using Afterpay while shopping with us?

All you now have to do is sleep now, pay later with Afterpay! 

Presenting Afterpay 

KingsWarehouse has now presented Afterpay for our online store, including a helpful installment payment choice for customers! Purchasing a bed is often an exorbitant buy for most. We likewise emphatically accept that choosing the correct mattress isn't something to be undermined as it's so significant for our sleep quality, and thus, our wellbeing and prosperity. 

At KingsWarehouse, we comprehend our client's requirements for an increasingly flexible payment strategy. We need our clients to have the option to reap the benefits of a perfect mattress as quickly as time permits, so we've introduced Afterpay to soften the impact of your buy on your wallet. 

Here's an example:

Buying a queen's mattress using afterpay permits you to purchase your mattress now, have it delivered and make the most of your merchandise and pay later. It's truly as simple as that. 

New to Afterpay? This is what you have to know.

Afterpay is an installment technique with the additional comfort of getting your purchase when you need it, with the benefit of taking care of it in 4 simple installments. 

  1. Shop now

Shop for your ideal bed with KingsWarehouse. Select Afterpay as your installment method, complete your checkout as normal and anticipate receiving your purchase immediately. 

  1. Pay later 

Your installment will be spread into four equivalent installments. You can select to get SMS and email notifications to guarantee your account has adequate assets for every installment. 

  1. Interest-free 

There are no interest charges with Afterpay, no card application forms and you can enjoy simply on the spot approvals. On the off chance that you pay every installment on schedule, you'll never incur any additional payment than the expense of your purchase. 

While we are at it, let us reiterate the importance of buying a good mattress: 

Queen size mattresses are the most well-known size that is sold. They permit space for two sleepers, adequate space for a grown-up of average height, and still leave space in the room. 

Consider Your Sleep Partner 

If you have a sleep partner, regardless of whether it's your significant other or excessively attached pet, having enough space for both of you on the bed is fundamental. Running into one another the entire night or essentially having another person turn over onto your side, can interfere with your rest and enormously upset the nature of your sleep. A full-size mattress is tight for two grown-ups to press into. Upgrading your mattress size up to a queen-size from KingsWarehouse will give you that additional space you have to serenely stay asleep the whole night with your sleep partner. 

Think about Your Space 

Not the space in your bed, but the space in the whole room. A queen size mattress offers two grown-up sleepers satisfactory space to rest during the night. It despite everything leaves space in the room for furniture, pets, kids, or just to keep the room from feeling excessively jumbled. It's additionally a perfect size for visitor room beds. A queen bed can fit two guests yet, ,also one guest who likes to loosen up around evening time, while still accommodating space in the room for luggage. 

In any case, the facts demonstrate that you may not recall every one of these tips when you go out to shop for a queen size mattress, yet certainly consider the nature of the bed. Quality alludes to the bounciness and firmness. It is said that a mattress that's worth your cash should keep your spine adjusted while keeping up the spine aligned. Along these lines, get unparalleled comfort and peace by selecting the mattresses from KingsWarehouse of your choice.


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