Are you new to Afterpay? Here's a reference to purchasing a queen mattress using Afterpay.

If you haven't had a full night's sleep the night before, it usually means it's time to replace the mattress of your bed. A queen mattress stands out as the key to a sound sleep every night. Believe it or not, but you will be offered uninterrupted, composed nights of sleep without a chance of discomfort by a comfortable, smooth and affordable queen mattress with Afterpay. Our latest queen mattresses provide an outstanding sleeping experience that will make you not want to leave your bedroom.

Without a doubt, our mattresses are specially built to give you an unforgettable sleep experience. When you browse through our multiple options to get the right one, we make sure that our mattresses have been individually tested before they are released into the market.

At Kings Warehouse, the only thing we care about is that our valued customers deserve a decent night's sleep; and our queen size mattresses are built for that. And we take it a step further by offering them with easy instalments via Afterpay services.

So what is Afterpay?
Buying a mattress with Afterpay means that you get the mattress you want today and split the amount into 4 easy instalments that can be paid later. What this means is that you don't have to wait to buy the other important items you and your family need, like maybe another queen mattress for your master’s bedroom, or a second bed for a spare room if you have visitors coming to stay for a short period.

The best feature of Afterpay relative to credit cards is that you pay no debt or penalties if you make daily payments. Afterpay earns revenue from retailers by offering a percentage of each order.

What kind of bed or mattress would you buy with an Afterpay?

You can purchase any size of bed mattress at Kings Warehouse. The following list includes the beds and mattresses we have available.
  • Single mattresses, bed frames, sets and beds
  • King single mattresses, bed frames, sets and sheets
  • Double mattresses, bed frames, sets and beds
  • Queen mattresses, bed frames, sets and beds
  • King mattresses, bed frames, sets and beds
  • Mattress on the box
  • Foam mattress

The only restriction is how much you will pay for Afterpay. The Afterpay cap for the purchase of a mattress or a bed is up to $2,000, and it only needs to be over $99. If you're new to Afterpay or have been using it for less than a month and a half, the amount you can spend is limited to $500. They're doing this to make sure you're able to make daily refunds. With regular instalment payments, your cap will be extended and you can buy a queen mattress for up to $ 2,000 of payment.

So how do you apply for Afterpay?

You should be 18 years of age and have a driving licence or a Medicare card to buy a mattress with Afterpay or any item on Afterpay in Australia.

How are you going to sign up for Afterpay?

If you do not already have an Afterpay account, you can sign up by following clear instructions. You can get instant approval on the web, and then you can buy a queen mattress from Kings Warehouse.

Are there any hidden fees involved?

Most Australians need extra cash every now and then for big purchases like mattresses or beds. Not all of us are lucky enough to have cash set aside for unexpected expenditures. What's the thing that makes Afterpay so valuable? Well, at no extra cost you get what you want instantly! You can enter our store without a dime and still buy whatever you want.

However, a word of caution—in the event that you skip an instalment, which is expected at regular intervals, you will have to pay $10 and an extra $7 in the event that you’re not able to make the instalment payment for the next 7 days.

It is incredibly important that you keep track of your instalments, or else, late-fee charges will be levied and then the whole purpose of using Afterpay will be defeated, i.e 'no extra charges.'

So make sure you have the cash available in your account for the next two months to cover your purchase, so you can go out and confidently buy your favourite queen size mattress.

Get in touch with us today on 08 8563 1360, and take home that latest king size mattress using Afterpay!
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