Here’s How You Pick Your Ideal Mattress Online

Online Mattress Shopping: A Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for a new mattress, shopping for one online is a great way to do it. You avoid the hassle of the in-store markup and you also get a variety of options that you can’t always get at a physical store. However, if you’re buying online, knowing the features that determine a good mattress is crucial.

Here are some tips you can follow when shopping for your next mattress online:
Springs vs Foam

Mattresses broadly fit into two types:
● Spring mattresses (interconnected coils or pocketed coils)
● Foam mattresses (polyfoam, latex foam, and memory foam)

Spring mattresses offer a lot of support for people with back ailments or ones who want more “bounce” to their beds. They’re excellent for people who sleep on their back or stomachs since they prop up the body consistently for better spinal support.

Foam mattresses support the curves of the body better, which makes them a good fit for people who sleep on their side or with someone else on the same bed. Since foam contours around movement, it’s also great at isolating motion. This can help people who toss and turn around in their sleep.

Firmness & Breathability

As a rule, spring mattresses are firmer than foam mattresses – with that said, there is such a thing as too firm! Certain mattresses may be too firm for people with GERD or similar issues. Foam is softer, which can help deal with issues like chronic back pain.

Foam mattresses are worse at circulating air since it packs into itself and absorbs body heat during the evening. If you want a cooler bed (especially in warmer weather), go for a spring mattress. Some foam mattresses have better breathability, but they usually cost more.

Extra Features & Return Policy

You can still enjoy a trial period for your mattress even if you buy it online, but you should check their return policy before buying. Online sellers will usually have a smaller window of time for you to return your mattress.
However, they will sometimes “buy back” your mattress at 75% or even half of the price you paid for it, especially if you return it near the end of the trial period. Always check the terms and conditions with your purchase, and call customer service if the policy isn’t clear to you.

Measure By Numbers, Not Size

Before you buy, always make sure that your mattress fits your bed. Your bed frame may not always fit your default mattress size. That’s why you always measure your bed frame with measuring tape before buying a mattress instead of relying on size!

Depending on the manufacturer or the country of origin, there might be slight differences in mattress size, or units you have to convert. Always check for the dimensions on the product page of the mattress you’re buying and compare it to your bed frame.

Hybrid Models

Hybrid models will usually combine spring and foam materials into one mattress for a more versatile and comfortable sleep experience. These are often premier-grade mattresses that cost much more than your single-material models, but are well worth the investment if you clean and maintain them.

Keep in mind that specialized mattresses like orthopedic mattresses are not always hybrid models. These mattresses may have special features that distinguish them from normal foam or spring mattresses, but they’re unlikely to be hybrid models.


The best tip you can follow when buying a mattress online is to do your research! Since you don’t have the option of testing it out before you bring it home, you need to do your fair share of cross-checking and research before going to checkout.

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