Contemplating whether you should go for a queen size mattress? We give you 4 reasons why you should

There are several reasons for purchasing a brand new bed mattress; it can be because you are not comfortable sleeping on it, you are moving into a new place with your better half, or are unable to snuggle in with your kid on a lazy Sunday morning.

Regardless of the need for buying a new mattress, the most important thing to determine when you check a mattress online or in a store is the bed size. This is especially helpful if you are going to share the space with a partner.

Before deciding on the size of the mattress, it is crucial to consider the size of the sleepers. For instance, a full-size or even a twin-bed mattress is too short for an average male, the feet will either be hanging on the edge or will have to curl up.

The standard length of a full-size mattress is 75 inches, so it may not be the best choice for people who are taller than 5’5’’. For anyone taller than the mentioned height or who prefers extra space to stretch and get a comfortable sleep, the queen-size mattresses are a perfect choice!

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There are a few great benefits of upgrading to a queen size mattress, here are some:

1) More comfort

A full-size mattress may be big enough for you during some nights, but there are times when you wish you could spread out a little more and get comfortable. Right? Maybe you are having a sore back and wish to just lay and sprawl out on the side or if one of your arms is sore and you just want to stick out for a while and get comfortable.

Regardless of what your conditions are, a queen size mattress gives you the much deserved space and comfort. With a queen size mattress, you will have quite an extra space to stretch out whenever you need. Stretch your limbs and relax!

2) More Space

If you sleep with your partner on a full-size mattress, it is noticeable that you and your partner’s temperature are in-sync. Small mattresses often disturb the optimum temperature and affect the comfort, leaving one extremely hot. Nobody wishes to wake up drenched in sweat, all because of less space and hot temperature.

Having a queen size mattress ensures that there is more space between the two of you, which means you won't be affected by each other's body temperature anymore. More space = less heat.

3) More Room for Pets! 

Do you have a pet? Or pets? 

We all love to have our furry friends around the house and be as close as possible. Who wouldn't want to find their pets snuggled in bed! Sometimes, having limited space and the wrong mattress size can restrict this from happening.

But what if you had extra space in your bed and can provide your spoiled furry friend with a place to sleep at night? It is indeed possible. Upgrading to a queen size mattress could allow your furry companion to sleep with you more comfortably. Once you let them up there and get used to snuggling with them in your bed, you will wonder why you didn't do it a whole lot sooner! Though it's never too late.

4) Great for people with spinal issues 

A queen size mattress is perfect for couples who like to roll around freely while sleeping. Not just this, people suffering from back pain, back muscle spasm and spinal issues, many medical practitioners (from chiropractors to physiotherapists) recommend using queen-sized mattresses. Other mattresses, due to their inadequate space, often feel stretchy and cramped while sleeping, especially if you share with your partner. A queen size mattress

allows one to sleep comfortably, providing cushioning, even while in a side-ways position. 

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