How To Pick The Right Dog Bed For Your Dog - 4 Things To Consider

Do you share your bed with your furry friend? Don't worry, it's normal. We all have a soft corner for our furry legged friend at home and want to share every possible thing in this world with them! However, when it comes to their comfort, they deserve to have their own place to sleep. Dogs do occasionally prefer to sleep on the floor but let's be honest - they deserve more than taking a nap on hardwoods or even carpets! 

To ensure they reserve maximum comfort while sleeping, you should opt for a dog bed. Using the right dog bed will offer them a sense of comfort and security while sleeping. With a variety of options for pet bed out there - how to choose the best dog bed for your furry friend? 

You don't have to feel overwhelmed because we have compiled a list of things that will help you buy your trusted companion their very own dog bed. 

4 Things To Consider While Buying Dog Bed 

  1. Ideal Size 
  • Before buying the comfort cushion for your dog, always consider the size. You can start by measuring your dog from the tip of their nose to the rump, and from the crown of their head to the pads. Make sure you also take the same measure while they are standing. Additionally, measure their diameter side to side, and top to bottom.
  • Apart from considering their measurements, weigh them. Dogs beds available online are usually recommended based on the weight of your furry friend. For instance, small beds are ideal for dogs up to 19 kgs; medium size beds are for dogs up to 27 kgs, large size beds are for dogs up to 54 kgs, and extra-large beds are for dogs above 54 kgs. 
  1. Choose The Right Shape 

Apart from considering the size, choosing the right shape of your dog bed is imperatively important. Besides, your dog can help you decide the right shape of their beds. All you have to do is observe how they sleep - do they like to burrow in, sprawl out, lean back, or simply curl up in the bed? Here are four types of dog beds that usually corresponds with their sleep personalities: 

Donut Dog Beds 

  • These dog beds are perfect for canines who love to curl up while sleeping. The cozy round or oval doughnut bed will provide them cushioned surroundings, ensuring a good night sleep. 

Nesting Dog Beds 

  • Some dogs like to dig in and go undercover from everyone while sleeping. A nesting dog bed will help your pet relax and sleep more soundly with a cozy and comfortable cave-style bed. 

Rectangle Dog Beds 

  • Rectangle dog beds are ideal for sprawlers who love to spread out in all directions and prefer freedom. 

Bolster Dog Beds 

  • Bolster dog beds are ideal for dogs who prefer to put their head on a pillow or armrest when they sleep. 
  1. Design 

Let's be honest, you might have a certain preference when it comes to the design of your dog's beds. However, for them, it's more about comfort and functionality than the curb appeal of your home. Based on their sleeping habits you can determine which bed design will best suit your canine.

For instance, if your dog needs the security of walls around them while sleeping, you can consider an open design with a bolster bed that offers support and acts as a chin prop for your furry friend. While your dog might not care about the design of its bed, you do! We have a wide variety of dog beds that can offer your dog comfort and look beautiful with any home decor. 

  1. Material 

The best way to determine the suitable material for your dog bed is by observing them. Are they suffering from hip dysplasia or have achy joints? What is their sleeping pattern? Do you have a young pup or senior dog? Generally, beds with memory foam work best for a senior dog who has joint issues. While fluffier beds are a great pick for young or small pups. 

Browse through our extensive collection of pet care and dog supplies including dog beds, crates, training pads, and a lot more. Choose the one that best suits your loving furry legged friend.

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