How To Choose The Right Entertainment Unit For Your Space - 5 Things To Consider

Decades ago, having a television at home used to be considered a luxury. However, due to the rapid evolution of the latest technology, you can find this common electronic medium in almost every house. A small screen box that communicated breaking news is now available as a flat HD screen to watch live cricket matches and movie night. The evolution and demand for television continue to remain the same. Along with TV, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for TV unit cabinets.

TV cabinets have gone through countless trends and some of them are already a lifestyle statement. Available in various styles ranging from elegant and classic to modern and minimal, TV units now serve a bigger purpose than simply accommodating your TV. 

If you are a first-time buyer, you should be aware of the purpose of buying a TV unit - Do you want to use them to add extra storage space in your room? or Do you want to manage those dangling wires and keep them out of sight? Based on your needs, make the right decision. We have highlighted a few critical aspects of choosing the right TV unit that will help you make the best purchase decision. 

5 Things To Consider While Buying TV Unit 

  1. Type of TV unit 
  • Today, there are more than a thousand types of entertainment centres available in the market. So, how to know which is best for you? First, you need to decide which TV unit will be perfect for your space and can blend well with the room's interior. One of the most common types is the wall unit. People usually prefer to use them for their home entertainment centres as it has shelves, drawers and other storage options. Another popular TV unit type is the armoire style. Armoire style units are long cabinets fitted with doors that enable you to hide your TV when not in use. If you are looking out for something that wouldn't hog up your space, consider mounting your TV on the wall and placing a slender unit underneath. 
  1. Measure It 
  • Once you have decided the right style of your TV cabinet, start measuring. You would first want to start with measuring the available space for your entertainment centre. Measuring the space is a crucial step as you won't want to buy a unit that is too big for your space or too small that it will look out of place. Now, measure the dimensions of your TV. Lastly, take the measurement of your seated line of sight. Make sure the comfortable viewing measurements align with your line of sight when sitting on the couch. 
  1. Consider The Size 
  • Placing a TV on the unit cabinet is like a cherry on top of the cake. However, you must choose the unit cabinet as per the size of your TV. Measuring the size of your TV is as important as estimating the unit cabinet. Always select a size that’s slightly bigger than the size of your TV as it will help avoid overhanging or bumping. A small-sized TV in comparison to the unit will hinder its appearance, while a big TV in comparison to the unit would look quite awkward. The unit cabinet you buy will act as a base for your TV. Therefore, make sure you invest your time in selecting the right size TV unit cabinet. 
  1. Layout Of The Room 
  • Always buy a unit cabinet that complements the decor of your room and doesn't make the room look cramped. You should consider the layout and available space of your home. Additionally, also check how other furniture is occupying the room to avoid having congested space. Be careful about selecting the colour, texture, and pattern of the cabinet as it will help enhance the look of your space. 
  1. Storage Option 

Remember to consider your storage needs while buying a unit cabinet. A TV unit storage includes: 

  • Shelves for the TV and consoles
  • Cabinets to keep DVDs
  • Drawers for remote controls and other accessories 

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