Mattress in a Box, What is it?

Mattress in a Box, What is it?

Sick of going to expensive showrooms to shop around for a mattress? Have no idea how to get a king-sized bed up to a fourth floor walk-up? Sick of paying top price, plus delivery? 

Well the solution is final here, Mattress in a box.

What on, mattress in box, what is that? 

As the name suggests, mattress-in-a-box is simply a folded and rolled high-quality mattress, vacuum-packed in a box using the latest mattress-packing technology. These boxes are then shipped directly to customers who order them online. Direct shipping cuts out middlemen effectively lowering the prices of the mattresses.

According to most mattress reviews, these mattresses are getting better reviews than traditional mattress  and they sell at cheaper rates.

Are they any good?

Unless you have back issues or need a certain type of mattress, the out of the box designs are just as good, if not even better. Most people have been surprised at how good they are, specially for the price they pay. 

Are they easy to move?

Online mattress retailers will deliver your mattress to your doorstep and leave you with the laborious task of moving it to your bedroom and setting it on your bed. A mattress in a box is more manageable than a bendy and heavy unfolded mattress.

They come rolled up in a box, unpacking is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once unpacked the mattress will roll out and slow take its shape. Normally you have to wait 24hrs before it is at its normal shape. 


Did i say they were cheap to buy and cheaper to delivery? It's a win / win case. Want to setup a spare room? Mattress in the box is the answer, don't pay top dollar and fork out extra money for delivery, plus having to dispose of all the packaging. 

Check out our range at Kings Warehouse.

So easy. 


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