Purchasing A King Size Mattress Using Afterpay

Purchasing A King Size Mattress Using Afterpay

Everyone wants a comfortable mattress for their bed, and everyone deserves a comfortable sleep after a long day’s work. In fact, when it comes to your bedroom, the first thing you think about is probably your bed and mattress. A king size mattress allows people to relax and sleep comfortably without disturbing their partner as it provides ample space. But sometimes people cannot afford such a large and luxurious mattress due to budget restrictions.

Here’s how you can purchase a king size mattress without worrying about the budget. At KingsWarehouse, we offer Afterpay as a simple and hassle-free payment option so our customers can purchase the product they like and pay for it in 4 easy instalments.

People signed up with Afterpay can purchase their king size mattress and take it home before the first payment is due. Afterpay gives customers the ability to divide the price into 4 equal instalments that need to be paid every fortnight, the first of which doesn’t need to be paid until the first fortnight has passed. This allows you to buy what you want without having to worry about the entire payment at once.

Don’t pay a single cent more than the price of the product. Purchase a king size mattress afterpay is the most convenient way to get the product without having to worry about your budget or inflated interest rates. We also offer Afterpay for various other products to help you purchase home appliances and furnishing without worrying about your budget.

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Why buy king size mattress from us?

People choose us for the following reasons:

Quality and Variety: We have premium-quality king size mattresses available on our website from top brands. These brands use special materials to create the most comfortable mattresses and help you get a healthy night’s sleep. There are mattresses available in a variety of materials and designs, such as foam, quilt, latex, spring, gel memory foam, cool gel foam, thick foam and pillow top mattress. Prices vary according to brand and the materials used in the making. 

Service: Not only do we offer a buy now, pay later option using Afterpay, but we offer great all-around service. Most of our items are available with free delivery while others are charged a minimum amount of $5.00. Once dispatched, you are given a tracking code so you can watch your package make its way to you. Delivery usually takes 3–10 days depending on the postal code. Furthermore, you can return the product if it is damaged or doesn’t live up to your standards. 

Warranty: Our products come with a 12-month warranty unless stated otherwise. Some products are even provided with extended warranty for our customers’ peace of mind. 

So, if you are looking to purchase a quality king size mattress for your bedroom without stretching your budget, we are the best option. There are all kinds of products available with Afterpay like couches, appliances, office equipment, outdoor furniture, health and beauty products, pet supplies, kid and baby products, and so much more. 

King Warehouse also offers an extended warranty at just $19.00 for a further additional 12 months, that’s a 24-month warranty on your order. Visit our website to take advantage of such great offers.

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